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The value of Performance Training

The purpose of sports performance training is to help athletes perform at their best during competition by helping them transfer their stability, strength, and power into their athletic skill, which in turn can often enhance longevity in the sport.

Focus Points:

  • Improve the transfer of stability, strength, and power to the athlete’s skill set; the skills they have acquired with the help of skill specific training have already been in practice for a long time, but what we can do to take them a step further by increasing the athlete’s ability to deliver their skills continuously.
  • Longevity of athletic performance; is what we mean by deliver skills continuously, which also means reducing the risk of injury is a major part of an athlete’s longevity as well creating a more effective, efficient, and safer performance.
  • Reactive stability and the application of strength and power; we can take our athlete and use all the traditional strength training methods to make them stronger, but it means little if the athlete can’t make the connection between their strength/power and the existing skills. So, as we look at performance training, not only are we trying to create longevity for our athletes, were improving their application of their stability, strength, and power for our athletes to thrive and not just survive.
  • Identify weak links in the overall chain during movements to prevent, observe where they thrive and where they may have a break down within their stability which will increase the risk of injury later down the road as well as decrease the amount of strength and power they can develop/deliver.

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