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Combat Training Methods

Conditioning Training: conditioning training is performed at a moderate pace, and it develops cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, fluidity, rhythm, distancing, timing, speed, footwork, and balance, it’s also used to burn fat as it tends to burn a significant number of calories. Conditioning training requires a basic understanding of piecing techniques together into logical combinations.

Training on the bag for a specified period called rounds, rounds can last between 1-5min, and each round is then separated by 30sec-2min of rest in between. A good work out contains at least 5-8 rounds.

Proficiency Training: Used to sharpen specific attacks one at a time by repeatedly using one strike over and over until reaching a predetermined number of repetitions. the emphasis should be on form and technique while executed at various speeds. techniques are also performed with eyes closed for kinesthetic “feel” for the action.

Techniques are usually performed repeatedly for 25 to 50 times each.

Explosiveness Training: Since most real-life fights only last an average of 20secs, its useful to prepare for this scenario by delivering powerful compound attacks with high intensity for 30sec followed by a 1min rest, then repeating the process for a predetermined number of rounds. this training method prepares you for the stress and immediate fatigue of a real fight. it also develops speed, power, explosiveness, target selection and recognition, timing, footwork, and breath control.

Mirror Training: The mirror is absolutely the best tool for self-correction. By working before a mirror, you provide your own feedback about your movement, technique, and guard. Work everything, shadowbox.

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