About us

What is a drengr?

“There is no higher compliment in Old Norse than to call a someone a ‘Drengr,’ which in the sagas implies both reckless courage and a code of fair play. A Drengr is someone who doesn’t back down from a challenge but has a sense of sportsmanship, someone who matches up against even opponents or opponents better than themselves, but never those that are weaker than them” – Dr. Jackson Crawford PHD

Who we are

Drengr Fit is a small, veteran owned and operated, fitness programming and personal training business, with apparel and fitness accessories available in our store.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy for exercise is simplistic and easy to follow, it embodies the Viking spirit that thrived in simpler times:

Lift like the Gods: you need to remove yourself from the mindset of the common crowds if you want to elevate yourself above them. Trespass into the realm of the gods, would Thor do a handful of push-ups and sit ups a few times a week? Absolutely not! He would move mountains, clear forest, and wrestle the oceans themselves! A Drengr needs to think bigger, and lift bigger, than the average person to take their seats in Valhall. That means heavier weights and/or more volume per session as well as higher frequency, combined with proper nutrition/recovery and progressive overload.

Train like a warrior: The greatest workout is a total waste if you don’t perform it correctly, just like simplest workout can yield the best results if you attack it with the right mindset and focus. To be a Drengr you need to attack every workout as if you were preparing for war and recognize the gym as your training grounds, one day you or your loved ones might depend on it. That means ignoring the distractions around you like that text notification from your phone or the person curling in the squat rack. An hour spent chatting around the bench is an hour you’re not making progress and intensity becomes complacency, you’re in the gym to train for battle, everything outside of that is a distraction that could cost you when it matters. Keep a warrior mindset throughout your workout and you’ll be surprised to find you’ve fit double the work into your session compared to the mortals.

Feast (and Sleep) like a Jarl: It may seem odd that our final principle is to eat and sleep, however when you sleep your body releases the hormones necessary for growth and the food you eat provides the nutrients required for your cells to repair themselves and multiply. One of the worst culprits in regard to lost gains is simply a lack of sleep, so their body doesn’t get to reap the rewards of their workouts. Lifting like the gods and training like a warrior is only possible if you eat and sleep like royalty, this means prioritizing your 8hrs of sleep, not staying out with your friends drinking every other night of the week. As well as eating nutrient rich foods in plentiful amounts, our goal is not to over-eat at every meal, but eat steadily throughout the day in order to keep our metabolism high and in quantities large enough to fuel our bodies for the training ahead of us in order to reach our potential.

What we do

We understand that adapting new fitness habits is difficult and often results in failure. Our goal is to change your view on fitness, so that it becomes a part of who you are and your lifestyle, by offering affordable training with lifelong results. With years of success and experience, we can assess your needs and create a fitness plan that will help you reach your goals. Most plans include healthy eating and exercise to ensure the best results for our athletes. We will work with you to keep you on track and motivated to reach your goals.  

Services include:
Personal training
Program design
Sports performance coaching
Combat fitness classes

Combat fitness classes: The workout design is simple and effective: intervals alternating between rounds of combinations on the heavy bag and athletic drills. A high energy and powerful workout that results in improvements in strength, power, speed, hand-eye coordination, endurance, and self-confidence.
participants will learn:
Proper technique
speed and power control
level changes and defensive head/body movement

Other benefits include improved balance and posture, enhanced mood, increased alertness, and heightened cognitive performance.


ACE certified personal trainer and sports performance coach
Military training
Ubox fitness coach
Boxing and Muay Thai background
10+ years resistance training experience